Tattooers for Japan
Kannon Art Show/Auction is taking off!
Check the recently updated list of contributors!

Horiyoshi III recently confirmed he will be donating a piece for the show as well as many other great Japanese and American tattoo artists. This is turning into a real international affair.

Looking forward to a great night of fundraising and good times.
Please spread the word and let everyone know about this event!
Vancouver Bound!
The great folks putting on the Westcoast Tattoo Convention have donated a booth for our efforts!
I hope to get the artists at the convention to donate art to be sold on site. All proceeds will go to our chosen charity....once that gets nailed down.:)

April 15-17 @ the PNE! Come on down a buy some art!
Update on Aid Distribution
I have been pointed in a few directions for getting aid to those most need by people inside Japan.
This is great! As many have pointed out the peril of donating to large aid agencies and charitable societies. Often money is redirected to other needs and/or eaten up by red tape.
John from TAM has actually done investigative journalism on this issue. He has advised me that the best of the big aid agencies is Unicef, but he, and many others, think we can do better.
Currently things are very chaotic in Japan and it may take a few weeks to figure this out. Either way, we will get the money there!
Just getting started!
the response thus far has been overwhelming! This is great news, and we could all use some.
Please email me your links if you are participating so we can know who we are all working with.
I am working on a paypal set up as well.

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